Giving Life, Love & Education

The ever precarious situation of Pakistan means almost half of all Pakistanis live below the poverty line, millions left in destitution, vulnerable to malnutrition, disease, displacement, and are directly impacted by local conflicts and natural disasters. Tragically, orphaned children are the direct and devasting mark of the vulnerable state of Pakistan.

According to Unicef, Pakistan is home to a staggering 4.2 million orphaned children. Children left with nothing and no one and no hope for a different future. We are their lifeline. Giving these vulnerable little souls the chance of a life that every child deserves. A brighter future to soften the memory of truly dark and painful pasts and filling them with, hope, opportunity and happiness.

Based in Lahore lay our chosen orphanages. The two homes, each with 19 and 55 children under the age of 16, are privately owned and run by incredibly inspirational individuals who have simply chosen a life of service to others after witnessing firsthand the children’s desperate need for someone to care. Inspirational humans, with not a lot themselves, just going about their business Changing Lives. Working alongside them there on the ground in Pakistan is our Pakistan Project director, ensuring we are ever present, ready and truly understanding the needs of these precious children. Our support will provide and fulfil both reliable basic needs as well as a chance to break the cycle and create a different future by way of proper medical support and education. Everybody needs somebody.

Just over $5 per week, $25 a month or $300 a year. All food, water, medical, clothes, extracurricular activities (like their beloved cricket!) and private education is covered.


In total, there are 74 CHILDREN aged 1 to 16 across our two care homes.

All with painful pasts and uncertain futures.

Direct communication and engagement with the children is highly encouraged.

These little people want only for love, hope, opportunity and care.

This little lady is Aroooj – she is 9 years old and has been living with her sister, Alishba, in the care home for 3 years, since she was 6. After losing both her parents to fatal medical conditions, she was temporarily taken in by her grandmother who sadly could not care for her and so Arooj was dropped off at the Care Home , abandoned by her only remaining family. When asked about her family today, she affectionately refers to the other children of the orphanage as her beloved brothers and sisters. She shares a room with 15 others. She dreams of becoming a doctor and is fascinated by how things work, learning and science. She spends much of her days playing barbies with her sister orphans, which brings her great joy.

Meet 9 year old Abdul – this young man has been living with his sister, Farheen, in the care home for 6 years, since he was 3. After his father passed away, his mother remarried and Abdul and Farheens new stepfather did not accept the children so his mother abandoned them to the Care Home as orphans. He bores easily but is happiest when playing with the other children in the Care Home. He has a keen interest in maths too and hopes to become a teacher one day. He believes the most important thing for him right now is for him and his friends to get an education. But also to find a way to play video games.
Little Hania is the youngest at the Care Home, aged 2. She lives in refuge with her brother, Haram, and their mother whom suffered severe and prolonged domestic violence from both her husband and in laws. Hanias mother was not accepted by the community, so her husband rejected, divorced and beat her to near death. The two children spend their days alongside the mother playing with each other and remaining physically very close to their mother. The Care Home has provided both safety, security but also the basic living needs for the deserted little family. They share a room with 6 other widowed or divorced mothers and their children.